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Eclectic Shopping & A Coffee?

Please note this article was written, and photos taken pre-Covid 🙂


There are few places that exude authenticity in Kuwait. Even fewer that do it with a cup of amazing coffee, boutique antique furniture and a shop of eclectic homeware and trinquets. This unusual combination is what Bayt Ahmad offers in one of Kuwait’s most culturally diverse settings.


The cafe is authentic, artistic and family run. It is fun and provides a refreshing alternative to the mainstream retail outlets and restore our faith that Kuwait has an artistic vein running through its arteries.


Nestled in the heart of Souk Mubarakiya, the coffee shop run by a broad smiling Sudanese gentleman is exactly the type of place that you wish would stay a secret spot to avoid crowds and ensuring one of the comfy sofas remained free.


On the menu is spiced coffee, Almond milk with rosewater and delicious sweet date and toffee cake, peanut biscuits and pecan pie, presented on delicate china plates. All the treats are made with love in a home kitchen. There are also other savoury treats and a bit like any good bakery, you never quite know what is on offer until you get there.



The coffee shop is not new, but it is one of the most hip places to have opened in the past years. Shoppers are often attracted by the Persian carpets displayed outside, or the giant dallahs (coffee pots) that decorate the entrance. The cafe is in the same vein as the establishments in SOMU square located on the other side of the Money Changers row.


The coffee shop spills out onto the surrounding Souk streets, close to the hustle and bustle of the money changers. Its frequented by a mix of shop owners discussing business over Kawa, ladies taking a break from spice and textile shopping and the odd curious visitor who stumbles across this Aladdin’s cave.


The adjacent shop sells old and new, local and international as a friend put it. There are knick-knacks from around the world and you will find the most useful and useless items sitting side by side in quirky presentation furniture. Most of the items for sale range are for the home. You’ll find ceramic egg holders, coasters, coat pegs or china cups.


The shop couldn’t be better situated. Its close to the main parking and across the road from Souk Safat.


For more information about Bait Ahmad, follow them on Instagram or call 2246 7373. The shop is is located in the Heritage Souq area in Al-Mubarakiya. It is located behind Green Land, across the way from the row of money changers. Park in Souk Safat (textile souk parking) and cross the street into the area known as “heritage souk” where the Iranian carpet vendors are located.


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