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Karmic Number 8


One of my favourite numbers to look into, as the 8 is also the infinity symbol and it is the most karmic number, there is so much to the 8 we refer to the LP 8 as “The Authority” as they need power and to be in control and they take responsibility.


They are great at directing others, setting boundaries, the law, the regulations and the rules that others need to abide by. They tend to be business owners or in corporate positions where they direct everyone and everything. They enjoy being the father figure to others in a very disciplined way. They tend to be very competitive people, don’t like losing and seldom do.


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They come across as been very good judge of characters but one must remember that they are still human so when they get things wrong they may punish themselves for this as they are so harder on themselves than others. The need constant recognition for what they have done and achieved as they are very proud individuals.


They do attract a lot of money and are good at developing and expanding viable businesses. The LP 8 will work hard until they have achieved their goals and once they have reached their goals they will set themselves a few more goals to achieve and once they feel more empowered than ever and can have whatever it is that they desire they will then help others that they care about to set goals and achieve them, as they understand the importance of feeling empowered.


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Most LP 8 people tend to be very successful but this success didn’t come over night it took dedication and strong drive so they may come across as being ruthless but only they know the real sacrifices that were made in order to achieve this success. It is also very important to them to protect their wealth as they don’t want to lose it so they tend to be financially savvy people and know exactly where to invest and have their finger on every pulse. They need to achieve so much as they need to feel empowered before they can empower others.


LP 8 people need to be careful when they do become powerful as they may develop an ego as so many people look up to them and to them for answers, they also can become very judgemental as they do get used to a more privileged life and may forget where their humble roots originated. It is far better and more important that the 8 encourages others to achieve their own sense of abundance, power and recognition. Whilst the LP 8 should empower others there are times that they may fear that they will lose this power and they can begin to bully and intimidate others. At times in business they become so conscious of cutting costs that it becomes a way of life as they are all about making more money and looking at their profits. It is a fine line for the 8 as if they live in fear of losing their power the karmic nature of this number will adjust exactly that thought in order for them to stay humble and do what they are here to do, grow first and then help others grow.


Famous LP 8:

Elizabeth Taylor – Nelson Mandela – Roger Federer – Pablo Picasso – Whoopi Goldberg – Lucille Ball



* Numerology is about what your soul purpose is here to learn in this life by working out what your life path number is. To work out your life path number you need to add all of your numbers of your date of birth

 eg for 12 12 1991 you add as follows:

1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 26

2 + 6 = 8

Therefore for this date you would be a life path 8

If you would like your numbers explained please send me an email, info@numbersdontlie.info sending love and light to you all!




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