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Surfing in Kuwait!


Ok, we apologise if our subject title is a bit misleading, and we are aware how calm and still the waters of our beautiful Gulf are, so what exactly do we mean by “Surfing in Kuwait”?


Well we have discovered that  Jetsurf USA are now here in K-Town, based out of Rimal Hotel & Resort, Bida’a. Jetsurf are literally a motorised surfboard, making their own waves so to speak. They run on batteries & fuel, and have speeds of up to 55kmh, depending on the model. If your aged 10 and above, and weigh less than 100kgs, then why not give it a go? We have it on good intel that its easy to learn, the average learning time being between 25-45 minutes, and there’s no need to buy your own board, they are available for rent. Its advisable to book in advance (though its not a necessity) to ensure the availability of a board.



Want to know more? Then give Jetsurf Kuwait a call on 6682.5977 and have fun!


Update 27 August 2020: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, rentals are currently unavailable, however, boards are available to purchase.

Additional Info added 27 August 2020: New location next season in March 2021. Riding at Jetsurf Club will be through memberships. 10 sessions of 30 mins for 130 kd. Includes the board, life jacket and a helmet. And the other type of Membership is 40 kd for monthly beach and track access for Jetsurf owners!

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