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Healthy Skin: Skin Needling

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Healthy Skin!

Touching on last week where I briefly told you why I love helping people so much with looking after their skin the one thing I hear time and time again when clients come to me and it is something I never get tired of hearing is when people comment on my skin I love hearing it because clearly people notice it. I once did a writing course (as that has always been my dream job…..to write things I am passionate about) and at the end of the course our teacher said to me “Now Ruby I have one question for you!” I remember thinking “Dear Lord what have I done?” and she said “How is it that you have such perfectly amazing skin?” and at the time I was wearing no makeup and my reply was “I am a beauty therapist and I practice what I preach!” My writing teacher ended up coming to my business for a few treatments and I got her onto a skincare regime. I enjoyed telling her what to do and I did follow up and she could see a difference in her skin. I always make a point of telling people how bad my skin was because I feel this gives those with skin issues hope that their skin with the right guidance will improve. It takes on average 21 days to see a difference in your skin when you start the correct regime for your skin. It’s all about understanding how each individual skin works. There are many things that will affect our skin environment, lifestyle and of course genetic factors but most importantly you can make a difference.


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So people ask me time and time again what they should use and whilst I had a business and I was very loyal to 3 reputable brands I have worked with over 20 skincare brands from all over the world. I would never recommend anything that you would be able to buy at a supermarket or department store and my reasons are because in a supermarket you are not going to get anything with the right ingredients that will make a difference in your skin, rather cause problems which will take time to fix. As for department store brands you are been served by a sales person a very good sales person at times who need to meet their weekly or monthly targets and have not studied the skin or skin ingredients. It would be like going to a friend and allowing them to diagnose your illness and prescribing medication for you when you are sick you just would not do it would you? Now not all beauty therapists are made equally, so you will need to ask the right questions but generally speaking I find that most beauty therapists are passionate about skin and tend to have good skin but I think you need to use your judgement when deciding who you will allow to treat your skin.


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When I worked in a Skin Clinic in Kuwait I found the clientele were totally obsessed about their skin and would do whatever it took to make their skin look brighter, more even in skin tone to achieve that healthy looking skin. Whilst I have trained people in various medical grade devices and I have treated rosaca, erythema, broken capillaries, pigmentation, acne scaring, etc I found one of the best treatments was skin needling. I felt it was the go to treatment as the results are truly amazing. It not only treats everything that I have mentioned above it also treats fine lines and is safe to use around the eyes and eyelids (on a safe setting of course). What I love most about this treatment is that there is very little downtime and I have not had a single person say to me that they did not see a difference. It is the most popular treatment for celebrities as you can go an inch into the scalp and have a mini facelift affect. We refer to skin needling as “CIT” aka Collagen Induction Therapy as you really are activating that collagen and elastin.


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Do your research if you are going to consider doing skin needling and I would only go to place that use “Dermapen” as it is one of the safest skin needling devices used by Doctors and Skin Therapists. Generally speaking this treatment should only be performed once a month I know in Kuwait clinics will tell you that you need to have the treatment done once every 10 – 14 days this is not correct as your skin does need to heal but what I do highly recommend is that after you do have the needling done 2 weeks later you get a peel and then 2 weeks later you can have another needling session. I also recommend a minimum of 3 needling sessions and if you have acne scaring then you will need at least 6 sessions and you will see a difference even after one session and always take pictures so that you can monitor the progress. What is also very important is that you are using the right products whilst you are doing these treatments as they will assist in the progress of your skin. When clients ask me why they need to use products I always say to them it would be like going to the dentist just once a year and never brushing your teeth, looking after your skin is a daily commitment twice a day just like brushing your teeth, going for treatments will then be more effective!


If you have any questions about skin needling please email findingtheperfectscent@gmail.com  and I will be more than happy to assist you.



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