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Learn to Sail in Kuwait


So you want to learn to sail? How hard can it be? Surely you just sit in the boat, pop up the sail and steer the boat in the direction your heading? If you have ever sailed, you’ll know there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, its fun, exhilarating and challenging! You may even get the chance to sail with dolphins and see whales in Kuwait’s bay!



Kuwait has the perfect conditions to learn to sail, the sea is generally calm, there is often a light variable wind and if you fall in…the water isn’t as cold as the English Channel! But, where can you learn to do this in Kuwait? Well KOSA, an acronym for Kuwait Offshore Sailing Association, are a non-profit sailing club, who welcome new members and introduce them to the experience of sailing.



So if you’re a landlubber and want to learn about the bumpkin and moonraker whilst sipping from a scuttlebutt, then why not contact KOSA and learn more, the sailing season runs from September to May, and registrations for new membership and trials has kicked off……….


Call: 5055.4609

Email: info@kosakwt.com

Website: www.kosakwt.com

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