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Master Numbers

Master Numbers

What are Master Numbers? In numerology we keep adding the numbers until we get to one digit for example if we are looking at the number 62 we add 6 and 2 to get 8 lets say we had the number 68 then we would have 14 so then we add the 1 and 4 to get to 5. So master numbers are when we have the two same digits such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99 for example if you had the number 29 by adding the 2 and 9 you would get 11 which then you would add 1 and 1 to get 2 and it would be written in the following way 29/11/2 another example is 38/11/2; 47/11/2; 22/4; 33/6; 44/8; 55/10/1, etc.


When someone is a Master Number their soul has basically asked to come back and go through a little more than those that haven’t whilst all life path numbers are important Master Numbers are a little more unique and after doing so many charts I also find them to be a little more intense at times as they can be very sensitive to a variety of things. Whilst someone may not be an actual “Master Number” I have done many charts where there can be a Master Number somewhere in their chart. Lets take my chart for example, I am a life path 5 coming from a 23/5 but my natal chart has two sets of Master Numbers my third pinnacle comes from two 4’s therefore my third pinnacle is 44/8 and my fourth pinnacle is coming from two 1’s making my fourth pinnacle 11/2. So what that means is when I am in those pinnacles I need to look at where they are coming from to understand the lessons I need to learn in the nine year cycle of that particular pinnacle.


All Master numbers have the following attributes: they tend to be the most creative; they are inspirational; they also tend to be intuitive and sensitive. They have come here to guide and teach others by been of service to humanity and they have a natural ability to do this. They are so sensitive to situations that they can easily be anxious or stressed or give out a nervous energy. Their emotions can be quite extreme and if they are feeling challenged may turn to addictions as they are finding it all too hard.


Souls that have chosen to be a Master Number need to learn to protect themselves and to support themselves emotionally but these are all lessons to become wiser and they are going through a huge wake up call to find the truth that their soul is looking for. Whatever the Master Number may be the person needs to ‘master’ the single digit first before ‘mastering’ the double digit. Meaning if you are an 11/2 you need to learn and master the lessons of the “2” before mastering the lessons of the “11”. You are working on a higher vibration so most Master Numbers will go through a lot more than the average person as they have so much more to get through and lets not forget they are also here to guide and help others. All Master Numbers need a positive outlet to release the higher energy they have inside them. They also tend to attract a lot of crisis in order to learn these lesson.


I would like to point out that Master Numbers whilst they have more lessons it does not make them more special or awesome over a person that isn’t a Master Number and they don’t have magical powers of any sort. Whilst they tend to be intuitive people it’s just like saying some people are really good at reading maps but others can’t it does not mean that one is more intelligent than the other. Some people are intuitive in different ways. In most cases Master Numbers do tend to be an older soul that wants to come into this life to make more of a contribution for mankind or they have a specific purpose to destiny to fulfill.


Sometimes I look at a persons chart and whilst they may be a Master Number or have Master Numbers in their chart and I feel that they are really don’t doing much or they have no awareness might be a better way to put it this can be because spiritually they are not awake yet. I think we can all relate to a person that after many years of been a certain way then they change at times it can be a gradual change and other times it literally  happens overnight. This is usually when the soul has woken up to what they need to do and are now ready to do it. In saying all of that I find that if they awakened early on in life they tend to become more settled later on if they awaken later on in life I wish them a safe journey as it can be a little unsettling. I think we will all find our way with love and kindness. I will go into the individual master numbers next week.


Sending you positive vibrations and hope you are keeping cool in this heat.

Ruby 23/5


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