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Why Exercise???

Why Exercise???


How many times have we all said ‘I should exercise more,’ or heard ‘you need to get more exercise’? More than we can count, but why? Why do we need to exercise? What do we get out of it?


Aside from reducing our body weight or building muscle, what do we get out of it? Who wants to sweat it out for hours without any benefits, right? Well, read on for a few more good reasons to get moving.


·       You’ll sleep better, and not just because you’ve worn yourself out! Studies show regular exercise can help you sleep better. If this is your main goal, try and schedule your workouts in the afternoon or early evening, not just before bed.

·       Your posture will improve. As someone who has struggled with poor posture for a long time, I know how important improving it is, and when we spend a lot of our day sat at a desk or stooped over a phone, it’s even more important to straighten up. Regularly exercising your core, back and other muscles can go a long way to fixing your posture.

·       You’ll get less sick. Studies also show people who exercise regularly are half as likely to get a cold as people who don’t.

·       You’ll live longer. Sitting is the new smoking, we’ve all heard it. The phrase sticks because it’s killing us slowly, much like smoking can do. Regular exercise increases your life expectancy, which sounds like a great reason to get moving to me.

·       You’ll have more energy. It sounds like it shouldn’t make sense, doesn’t it? Especially when we feel tired after working out, but regular exercise can make us feel far more energised for the rest of the day. Even a simple walk can perk us up.

·       Your memory will improve. When you workout, your brain gets more energy and oxygen, and, as research tells us, improves our memory and helps us learn more effectively.

·       You will be less stressed. We all have different levels of stress in our daily lives; whether it’s a little or a lot, the endorphins we release through exercise naturally help us de-stress. Working out is also a great distraction.

·       You’ll feel more confident. Exercise can improve our appearance, which can leave us feeling more confident but it also leaves us feeling better about ourselves and more accomplished, which is great for our confidence and self-esteem.

·       You’ll be happier. Who doesn’t want that? Studies have shown our moods increase significantly on the days we exercise. Who needs a better reason?


So, you see, you stand to gain more than you realise by creating a regular exercise routine. Next week we’ll take a look at what form of exercise is best for you.


Emma Clement-Wriede

Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist

Contact for an Appointment: mailto:emma@nostresswellness.org

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