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Healthy Skin: Skin Peels

Skin Peels

Last week we touched a little bit on Skin Needling and I think you may have sensed I highly recommend this treatment for all skin types. I want to point out that I highly recommend it also for Sensitive Skin as well but for those of you that do have sensitive skin you need to be very careful as to who you go to and how they would treat your skin with a skin needling system. There are a few different companies that have these devices and not all are made equally. The questions you need to ask when you are going to start skin needling is which needling device they will be using and what settings will they be using on your skin and why. If you have highly sensitive skin you will need to go on a lower setting and then after 2 treatments you should see an improvement and your therapist will know how much they can increase the depth of the setting. The reason I recommend needling for a sensitive skin is because no matter what condition your skin is in the structure of the skin will always be the same and what we are doing with needling is repairing the skin through the deeper layers of the skin known as the Dermis and Hyper Dermis.


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What I highly recommend for many skin conditions including sensitive skin is Skin Peels. A lot of people tend to be afraid of Skin Peels aka “Chemical Peels” as they may sound invasive. There are so many Peels on the market with different strengths. Again just like skin needling you need to see someone that knows their peels and understands how peels work. Firstly you need to prepare your skin before skin needling or having any form of “Peeling Treatment” the reason this is so important is because if your skin is not used to having active ingredients it will not be able to cope with any form of skin peel. For example I have been looking after my skin for a very long time so I have been using active ingredients for at least 15 years. My skin is very reactive to many things and I easily burn when I am out in the sun yet when I have a skin peel I am able to have left on my skin for double the recommended time.


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The most popular peel most of you would have heard of is the Glycolic Peel which comes from sugar, also known as AHA’s ie Alpha Hydroxy Acids it has a small molecular structure so is easily penetrated into the skin making it’s way into the deeper layers making it a good one for exfoliation and rejuvenation of aging skin.


Another popular Peel is Lactic acid which is derived from milk which is very good for a sensitive dry skin and this is always a great peel to start off with as it won’t dehydrate the skin.


Mandelic Peel is from bitter almonds and a goodgo-to anti-ageing ingredient. It works to accelerate cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skincells together, helping to remove dead skinon the surface of the skinthat canlead to dull complexions as well as fine lines.I find a Mandelic peel is a good one to start with if you have never had any peel previously and left on for only a few minutes.


Beta or Salicylic Acid Peel is used to treat acne in both young and older skin. In fact if you looked at the ingredients of any product that would be used as a spot treatment I can almost always guarantee you that Salicylic Acid would be an ingredient in a small percentage. It will exfoliate help with oil control and target the bacteria that causes acne.


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TCA peels, these are very intense peels that treat pigmentation and hyper pigmentation. You really need to have a course of these I usually say a minimum of 6 in order to break down the pigmentation.


Green Peels are derived from a variety of organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They are invasive and quite painful (I speak from experience and I have a very high pain threshold) yet the results are truly amazing. There is a down time to green peels from 3 to 7 days depending on how sensitive your skin is but it is safe to use on most skin types.


Why do I like peels so much because they work! I am not talking about “fluffy” peels I am talking about the right peel with the right percentage of  the particular peel been used. Not only will they improve the texture of your skin and give you a more even skin tone this is done by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin which will strengthen it and it will also stimulate new skin cell growth. Peels also treat the following areas:




Hyper Pigmentation



Fine lines


Acne scaring



When I place my clients on a treatment plan for any skin condition I like to use Skin Needling and Peels I ask my clients to come in every 2 weeks and I usually start the off on a Peel two weeks later I like to do a skin needling treatment, and I usually recommend a minimum of 6 of each for the best results. I have had clients that will just continue with it all year round as they can see the benefits and after 6 months they are in a routine of it and don’t want to stop.


Don’t be afraid of peels and if you need any help please feel free to ask, whilst I was working in Kuwait I noticed that most clinics used Peels of very high standards. Feel free to ask me any questions.




please email findingtheperfectscent@gmail.com  and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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