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Learn to Kiteboard in K-Town


Learn to Kiteboard in Kuwait


Did you know you can learn to Kiteboard in Kuwait? We didn’t know either, and will definitely be giving it a go soon. At Salty Sports, and Q8Kiteboarding  they offer lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced so you can improve your current skills, as well as enjoy private family lessons. All the instructors at Salty Sports are IKO certified.


And if you already own a Kiteboard, Kuwait is an ideal location, flat lagoons, 60% wind probability and a long season from February until November to enjoy the sport. Also Salty Sports & Q8Kiteboarding are able to help maintain your equipment.


Imagine kiteboarding around the calm lagoons of Khieran, and in the warm Kuwait waters it doesn’t seem so bad when you fall in!


For more information:

Salty Sports: info@saltysports.com or call: 9898.2991

Q8Kiteboarding: Q8Kiteboarding@gmail.com or call: 5531.5589


Post first shared on LivinQ8 27 June 2018.


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