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Traditional but Contemporary Italian Cuisine


Olio Trattoria Italiana at Jumeirah Messila Berach Hotel & Spa offers traditional dishes but with a contemporary outlook on one of our most loved cuisines. Within it, you can find Italian delicacies that are hard to find in the heart of Kuwait. Rated as the number one Italian restaurant on Trip Advisor in Kuwait, Olio recently won the Best Italian Restaurant Award at The World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards.


The Mediterranean Lifestyle restaurant is all about respecting Italian cuisine’s roots, traditions and heritage but staying firm in the modern world. You will have a wide selection of signature appetizers, freshly made in-house pasta, oven-fresh pizza and typical Italian main courses as well as delicious desserts to choose from. The chefs only use traditional ingredients for an authentic experience. The specially selected Italian music is the perfect background to the breathtaking beach-view terrace that together transport you to a cozy Italian village on the coast of the Mediterranean.


Olio’s Italian specialties can be enjoyed indoor amidst Italian-Inspired Venetian marble décor or the terrace overlooking views of the Arabian Gulf.


Open daily for dinner from 18:00 till 23:00


For more information and advance bookings, Jumeirahs Restaurant Reservations team are pleased to receive your calls on 2226 9666.



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