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Master Number 11/2

Master Number 11/2

Last week I explained Master Numbers so this week we will look at the 11/2 Master Number. As I said last week the single digit needs to be mastered first before mastering the double digits in this case the ‘2’ is what needs to be mastered first before looking at mastering the ’11’. So lets briefly look at the ‘2’ first. The two is the peace maker, they also need company they don’t like to be alone we refer to the two as “urge to merge” as they really don’t like to be on their own. The two likes to gather information, they are sensitive they tend to be sincere and very tactful and diplomatic people. The two needs to avoid wasting time and to let go of fear, they may at times feel lonely for no reason and  they can hold onto to every little detail. Two’s tend to have a motherly energy and are constantly worried about others and want to care and nurture others but must learn to take care of themselves first before they can help others.


Once the two has been mastered we need to look at the ’11’ being mastered, we have two 1’s here and the one is much stronger than the two. The one is telling the soft and gentle two that they need to be strong and independent. We also refer to the 11/2 as the “Spiritual Messenger” the 11/2 gives outstanding qualities such as the inner power to influence the masses and to bring light to humanity. 11/2 people like to lead others once they have mastered their numbers they can be very assertive people. They can over react at times if they feel they are losing control. They do tend to be gifted and have a higher spiritual awareness. Whilst most Master Numbers attract a lot of crisis the 11/2 tends to attract the most. I feel this could be due to the fact they really do need peace as they are the peace maker but with the presence of the ’11’ wanting to control may seem the other extreme of the two.


11/2 is here to inspire and support it has the double energy of leadership of the one, they can be highly intuitive, they tend to have a pure heart and soul. They are wise and philosophical about things, they also tend to feel drawn to help humanity and they believe in equality. They are also creative and need to connect with others and need to work with others in peace in harmony. The 11/2 can be a very intense number and whilst they go through a lot of crisis they need to let go and not to hold onto the pain the crisis has caused them.


Whilst I point out all of the positive things in general there is a shadow to every number. The reality of all numbers are that whilst we have come to learn certain lessons we will surly make mistakes along the way and some bad decisions and this is to help us learn. The shadow of the 11/2 can be vindictiveness and holding grudges the sooner they learn to let go the sooner they will grow and move forward.


Sending you all lots of intuitive thoughts!

Ruby 23/5


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