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Maldives, a Luxurious Paradise


Maldives, a Luxurious Paradise 


If you’re an ocean lover and want a vacation just to relax and let go, Maldives is just the perfect destination. Unrivaled luxury, stunning white sand beaches, blue sky and an amazing water world, makes this country a destination of a lifetime.


Set in the Indian Ocean, South of Asia, a chain of 26 atoll’s made of more than 1000 coral islands, Maldives offers visitors memories that will last forever. The ideal place to do any kind of water sport activities, among them snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and many more. The variety of fishes found here is endless. Whether you choose to go on a cruise to do whale shark snorkeling or just stay around the island and watch the colourful sea life habitats, is considered a wonderful idea.


Maldives is the perfect destination for a honeymoon, but also you can find adult only resorts as well as family ones ranging from affordable complexes to extremely luxurious resorts, beach villas or water bungalows. Whatever you choose, you need to take into consideration that it isn’t a cheap destination, as everything is imported and shipped to each island (except fish and seafood), so it is better to choose an all-inclusive/full board resort that has restaurants with plenty of food options. Maldives is also a Muslim country so alcohol is allowed only inside the resorts and for that, the drink prices are pretty costly.


There are so many non-water activities to do too, you can go visit locals’ islands and discover the traditions and lifestyles of the indigenous population, you can stay by the bar to listen music and dance or participate in one of the games organized in the night by the staff of the resort yet it is not a party place, you will not find clubs or anything like that.


The perfect time to visit Maldives is between November and April, as rainy season starts in May. We went there in the middle of November to celebrate my birthday which no other place would have been more perfect. The weather was amazing, it rained just for couple of minutes during afternoon, and the water temperature was perfect. We stayed in an amazing all-inclusive resort called ‘Centara Grand Island Resort that proved to be exemplary. Everything was included in the package, food and drinks at all of their 3 restaurants (Italian, Thai and one with international cuisine), water activities, 30 minutes massage every day.


As I am a bit scared of insects, we chose to stay in a private overwater villa that turned out to be wonderful. The room was very clean with a big balcony from which you can go directly down to the crystal clear blue water, delicious food and amazing body treatments and massages, the staff were very friendly and attentive.


Indulging in a special couples’ massage session made with chocolate oil, exotic fruit baskets, Long walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, a romantic dinner on the beach under the moonlight, swimming in their infinity pool, snorkeling and many more, just made this vacation unforgettable.


It was a shock for me when I read somewhere that within the next 40 years, the islands will be fully covered by rising ocean water levels yet I felt happy that I was lucky enough to see such a 5-star paradise on earth so I hope everyone in this generation will have the chance and visit Maldives.


Enjoy, and Safe Travels


Love Ribal & Roxy xxx


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