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Top 5 Eateries to try this Week

LivinWorld are delighted to confirm that they have joined forces with the fabulous @accordingtoMimi an awesome food blogger here in Kuwait, who spoils us with her wonderful photography, and has our tastebuds tingling with anticipation with every review she writes. Every week, we will bring you Mimi’s picks for you to try and enshallah, enjoy!


On The Roto

I probably sound like a broken tape recorder but, the best chicken in Kuwait? It is without a doubt @ontheroto. Their rotisserie chicken is unbelievably succulent and juicy with a gorgeous marinated crispy skin. Pair it with the maabouch sauce for a little extra heat. Yum!

We also had a tabbouleh with butternut squash, feta and cranberries. They’re such unique ingredients that really work together.

For sides, we went with the seasoned fries (I loved the kick the seasoning had and highly recommend this) and the mix of seasoned roasted veggies.

Burrata fans, the baby carrot and burrata dish is beautiful. Those carrots are so sweet and I can taste a hint of truffle.

And finally for dessert, we went with the Roto’s best selling dessert, the Nutella brookie. It’s a brownie cookie mashup served in a hot skillet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. That hot and cold combination is a killer way to end your @ontheroto meal.



Hands up all you tired mothers, who are constantly thinking of healthy yet fun food to feed your little ones. We tried @muncherskw over the weekend and they have my kids’ seal of approval! Their items are not only delicious, but made from premium fresh chicken and beef.

We tried their crispy chicken and beef sliders, crispy chicken tenders and chicken munchies (crispy chicken bites). All their meals come with a side of corn, french fries and fresh lemonade or orange juice. Even the pickiest of eaters will happily chow down on these!

@muncherskw also do a range of frozen food that are perfect to stash in the freezer for later. I can see myself pulling these out the next time I’m out of snack ideas.

Order on their website www.muncherskw.com (find a clickable link on the @muncherskw account).


Quoo Sweets

We’re taking luqaimat to the next level with @quookw.

This Quoo Kit contains everything you need to turn this traditional Arabic sweet to a modern masterpiece. The kit comes with frozen luqaimat that are unbelievably quick and easy to make in an air fryer. You’re guaranteed perfect luqaimat every time with little to no effort!

You’re also armed with the most delicious array of sauces and toppings. For all you chocoholics there are milk, white and dark chocolate sauces. We then have everyone’s favourite salted caramel and for something a little nutty, a creamy pistachio.

For toppings we have oreo, lotus, pistachio and toasted coconut for a little tropical crunch. This kit goes one step further with some fun mini marshmallows and for a limited period of time, you get 2 litres of @londondairy ice cream free with your full Quoo Kit.

Order via WhatsApp on 96000310.


The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

When @chocolatecake.kw claims to have the best chocolate cake in the world, you know I have to check it out. (It would be a culinary crime not to!) Though I’m not an authority on cake, after trying this heavenly creation, my verdict is that this is not to be missed!

This cake involves layers of moist chocolate cake covered in a Valrhona chocolate ganache, a rich chocolate mousse and meringue. The meringue makes this cake stand head and shoulders above its competition by adding a little textural contrast. Definitely a must try! ❤



@oskoyo.kw is a culinary journey full of exhilarating flavours, colours and smells. They do fusion Latin food and they do it well! Oskoyo is located in Kuwait City, but we opted for delivery this time around.

We started with their Spicy Shrimp. Crispy fried shrimp is always a favourite and the togarashi gives the dish a kick of heat. The Three Corn Salad is a nice introduction to South American corn and I really enjoyed the hearts of palm in it.

We then had the Spicy empanadas made with portobello mushroom. It was paired with a huancaina sauce (think Peruvian mayo) and was another favourite. Next up are three different Baos, the Spicy Beef (my top pick) , the Crispy Chicken (beautiful batter) and the Pulled Beef (this reminded me of a cheeseburger).

But my absolute favourite was the Beef Barbacoa Taco. It had a complex flavour profile owing to the salsa. We also had the Short Ribs and Mushroom rice with a fantastic meaty rib sauce.

And finally for something sweet, I recommend the Salted Cheesecake with a salted caramel sauce. Yum!

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