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Master Number 22/4

Master Numbers 22/4

The Master Number 22/4 is all about cooperation and balance but needs stability and process. The  22  can be very sensitive yet is also very intuitive. Likes to set up an actual space where other people come to you and feel nurtured and it needs a sacred space for serenity. The 22/4 tends to have emotional resilance and is able to help others with their emotions. They naturally have a motherly energy and bond very well with their own children. As always when we see a 2 they need to care and nurture for themselves first before looking after others as they can easily get over whelmed and can get sick.


22/4 tend to be very supportive and they provide a safe and secure place not only in the physical sense but also spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. This is because they have double the amount of nurturing to give, double the amount of caring one would expect. Have very intense emotional connections and are very protective of those that they love. The also feel responsible for others and may seem overly cooperative.


When 22/4’s run into problems they need to determine how to fix it quickly and move forward as they don’t like to fail, no challenge is too great for them. They need harmony within themselves and because that makes them feel so stable they want others to feel that same harmony. They are great at pointing out how others need to set boundaries.


In the positive the 22/4 are clear thinkers and centered individuals can accomplish anything as they set their goals and set out to achieve them. When they fail they learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them. They learn the balance of when to give and when to step away by serving others only to the point they feel good and clear about their service. They are good at keeping themselves worry and stress free and give themselves time to relax and escape.


In the negative they may seem to be going through one crisis after another. They can also be frantic and at times even hysterical at times may even feel confused. Whilst it is out of character to make impulsive decisions they may feel pushed to do so when under extreme stress but will later regret it. The are also known to form a very deep relationship that they throw themselves into but then out of no where will cut themselves away from it as they feel resentful for getting so intensely involved.


Generally speaking they tend to be healthy people and they form healthy relationships and when they do pick a life partner it needs to be someone they respect  as they will be picking a partner to become a parent with. They will create a very loving and protective environment for their family. They will need their partner to be easy going and someone that doesn’t always need to be in control as they are practical thinkers.

They need financial stability in fact this is a strong priority and will pick their partner to be a hard worker. The 22/4 tends to have a lot of energy making them very work focused, determined to achieve their goals as long as they stay focused they tend to prosper.


Some well known 22/4’s are: Woody Allen; Luciano Pavarotti, Pope Paul I and Margaret Thatcher


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