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The Pink Ladies Have Returned

The Pink Ladies have returned….(and we’re not talking about those who appeared in the hit movie Grease). We’re speaking of Kuwait’s beautiful iconic Flamingo’s.


These stunning birds, who get their delightful pink colour from eating shrimp can be seen throughout the year in Kuwait, but are more commonly a winter visitor to our shores, arriving from October and staying until April.


So where can you see them?

This is one of Kuwait’s iconic birds, with huge flocks being sighted that in Sulaibikhat and Jahra Bays with up to 3000 recorded in early February 2008. They have also been recorded in inland pools in the Jahra area.


Where else can they be found? 

Globally this species is regularly seen from West Africa eastward through to the Mediterranean to the South West and South Asia, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. There is also a Paleartic population spanning West Africa, Iran and Kazakhstan, that breeds from March to June


Local Threats

The biggest threat to these stunning birds is pollution of the tidal flats where they feed. Sadly these incredible birds are also targeted by occasional shooters, and can also be accidentally caught in shallow fishing nets.


So what are you waiting for? Take a road trip North, pack a picnic with a flask of coffee, and watch the sunset in over Kuwait’s Bay with one of Kuwait’s much loved visitors.


Photo courtesy of Mike Pope

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