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Master Number 33/6

Master Number 33/6

Master Number 33/6 is the most compassionate and the most giving. The 6 has the vision and acceptance and the 3 gives positive expression and sensitivity. The double 3’s have double the amount of emotion, expression, creativity but they are here to be of service to others and need harmonious relationships. They have a tremendous amount of love for their family. They tend to have a loving and peaceful nature. They tend to feel responsible for everyone they love and care for and attract people that need comfort as they also tend to have a healing energy they are known as the master healer and saviour.

The 33/6 has also come into this life to work through issues of perfectionism and emotional expression, self doubt as they have inspiring vision of life’s possibilities. They possess double the energy of the 3 meaning they are extremely positive and optimistic as this is what they need to thrive it also is their inner drive to keep going but can be disheartened by the problems and imperfections of the world, yet they tend to disguise their sadness even their anger as they do all they can to stay positive and to achieve their goals. If they appear cool and unemotional don’t be fooled their emotions are quite deep.

They need peaceful relationships and friendships but can fall into the trap of been easily manipulated because they want harmony in all relationships and can end up feeling resentful when they wake up to this. This is the lesson they need to learn to not over sacrificing themselves for any and every relationships. They tend to see the good in everything and everyone because of their positive nature and outlook on life. They can constantly make excuses for bad behaviour but they will eventually get to a breaking point and then there is no turning back, as they have done all they can to stay positive expressing from deep within only to realise it wasn’t used for the right situations especially if they are criticised in the process and they have done all they can to appear in the best possible light.

If they are pushed to far they can turn all that positive energy and outlook they once had for you into negative expression and won’t hold back to let everyone know what really took place only later to regret it when they have gone too far. But at least they got it out of their system rather than leaving it all bottled up hence why they need to be good judge of characters so they don’t get to this point. They are here to turn negative things into positive things but may not always be successful at this. We all go through highs and lows and it’s important for the 33/6 to constantly stay positive.

The energy of the 33/6 attracts  most people as they are enthusiastic. They are accepting of most people that are around them until given reason not to be. They always have kind words to say about others and they tend to see the beauty in everything. They will fight for the rights of others as they have high standards for fairness, truth and justice.

When things go wrong and they fall into the negative they can become angry and frustrated and will hold onto grudges. They will keep to themselves and will somehow send you the message as to how disappointed and angry they are with you and will point out all of your flaws that they once turned a blind eye to. Never push a 33/6 over the edge or take them for granted as what you once loved about them will no longer be. As they will finally wake up and see what is really happening and not what they wanted to see.

The 33/6 also likes beautiful things and may feel they don’t deserve it but they do as they are always trying to make everybody else’s  world beautiful so make no apologies when you surround yourself with beautiful things that you have worked hard for. The 33/6 needs to understand their worth and when they do they can thrive and express their joy for life.

Well known 33/6: Fred Astaire; Agatha Christie; Albert Einstein; Steven Spielberg; Meryl Streep and John McEnroe

I know some lovely 33/6’s and they are such positive delightful people who are always willing to help others. When I am around them I feel so good as they always have an optimistic outlook and such positive expression.

Sending you all positive thoughts and gratitude much love Ruby

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