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Drive-In Movies Now in Kuwait!

So you’re missing the movies? Exhausted Netflix, and fed up of movie nights at home? We know exactly how you feel, and we were super excited when we learnt of a fabulous new pop-up event happening in K-town, Drive-in Movies, down at Bnaider 267!


Enjoy a movie of your choice, from the comfort of your car, need some munchies, then head over to one of the food trucks on site to get your fill of movie treats.


The event only happens at the weekend, which is why we’re telling you now so you can plan ahead. Follow @drivein.kw on Instagram, and watch out for their Instagram stories where they will advise you that tickets are on sale and for which movies, which you may then purchase via. their link in the Instagram bio.


So in the famous words of Bugs Bunny “that’s all folks” on the subject and we wish you a wonderful time!

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