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Stuck at home? 10 virtual museums tours you can take from your sofa

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Top 10 Virtual Museum Tours: Expand Your Horizons Without Leaving Your Couch


With all Kuwaits museums, cultural centres, art galleries closed, it might seem as though there are fewer outlets for culture as fears grow due to coronavirus. Well, if you’re hungry for some culture and want to quench your thirst for knowledge then now is the time to check out the best virtual museum tours, right from the comfort of your own home.


Many of the world’s top museums have released works from their collections online and have used technological advancements to offer virtual tours of their premises, especially as more people are stuck at home in isolation.


Have you ever wanted to visit the Louvre in Paris or travel to Holland to see the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh? Perhaps you wanted to give your students or children a firsthand look at ancient Egyptian artifacts from thousands of years ago, or the myriad exhibits of the Smithsonian.


The Best Virtual Museum Tours

Which of the world’s most well-known and acclaimed museums has embraced the internet age and taken the time to make their online collections as appealing as their in-museum experience? Let’s take a look at which museums are worth spending your valuable online time on:


The British Museum

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The British Museum displays objects spanning a period of some 2 million years, from the dawn of human culture to the present. The tour of the museum offers 360 views of thousands of objects as they appear in the halls of the museum, as well as prints of the objects, which can be enlarged and viewed in further detail. In addition to the description of each item that appears on Google Arts & Culture, there is a link to the British Museum’s own website with further details on each piece, including curator’s notes and a description of how each piece was acquired. The British Museum also has a separate online collection, “The Museum of the World,” which is a partnership with the Google Cultural Institute that features pieces from across time and includes audio explanations of the items from British Museum curators.


The Museum of Modern Art

When it opened in Manhattan in 1929, the MoMA was the world’s first ever museum devoted to the modern era. The museum has sought to remain on the cutting edge by offering a large amount of its collection for perusal online. The museum’s Google Arts & Culture selection is relatively limited, however its own site is quite extensive, displaying tens of thousands of modern art pieces currently on display at the museum or from past exhibits.


The Smithsonian

A small number of the Smithsonian Institution’s dozens of museums are represented with Google Arts & Culture virtual tours, including the National Portrait Gallery, the American Art Museum, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Freer Sackler Museums of Asian Art. For a 360 panoramic view of the Natural History Museum, you can go directly to the Smithsonian site or Google Arts & Culture. The nature of the Natural History Museum’s exhibits is particularly impressive in panoramic view. The American Art Museum is minimally represented on Google Arts & Culture as well, with a minimal 360 tour and only a couple hundred pieces of art. There is a wider number of pieces available on the museum’s own website.


The Louvre

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The Louvre is one of the most famous and visited art museums on the planet, and while its online offering may not be as robust as some other museums, you can still view quite a few of its pieces from the comfort of your own home. The museum does not display items on Google Arts & Culture, nor can you see panoramic views on the platform from inside the museum. However, you can virtually explore the grounds of the museum where several impressive statues and pieces of artwork reside. For panoramic views of the museum’s interior, you’ll have to go to the Louvre’s own website where there are a few virtual tours available. However, the navigation is not as seamless as Google’s navigation. You can also find a number of items displayed on the Louvre site, however many of the descriptions are in French only.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This venerated New York landmark has a very respectable showing on Google Arts & Culture with a virtual tour that lets you walk through the museum’s halls as if you were there, and several hundred items on display – from paintings to historical fashion pieces. Many of the items include audio descriptions available through an external link to the museum’s own website, which impressively hosts some 450,000 items.


The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim doesn’t offer a massive number of pieces on Google Arts & Culture, however the pieces it does offer have external links to its own website, where there is an unparalleled amount of information on each. The contemporary artists that are part of the museum’s UBS Map Global Art Initiative have contributed video pieces about their art as well. The panoramic views of the museum on Google Arts & Culture give a good representation of what the museum has to offer.


The Uffizi Gallery

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This Italian gallery’s virtual tour is a dream for aficionados of renaissance art. It is easily navigable and the hallways of the gallery are plush with statues and paintings. The gallery has relatively few items on Google Arts & Culture, but they are among the world’s most famous works, and there is an impressive amount of information on each piece.


The Rijksmuseum

Are you interested in the art of the Netherlands, and the Dutch Golden Age? The Rijksmuseum is not only the preeminent source of such art, it is also the most well represented museum of any kind on Google Arts & Culture. With more than 150,000 items on display, including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, you can get a full education in Dutch art history from your computer. The Street View navigation of the stunning grounds of the museum is also among the most impressive of any museum. No other museum has embraced the possibilities of Google Arts & Culture more so than the Rijksmuseum.


The Getty Museum

The virtual exploration of this Los Angeles museum is seemingly endless. Not only are there more than 15,000 items to peruse, the descriptions of the pieces are among the best, and for several items also include audio explanations. The interior 360 degree views of the exhibits are beautiful and expansive. The only complaint you could make is that the panoramic views don’t extend outside to the museum’s gardens and unparalleled views of the City of Angels.


The Van Gogh Museum

This Amsterdam museum hosts the largest collection of works from the post-impressionist master. The panoramic views of the museum are good, however the descriptions accompanying the paintings are minimal. The virtual Van Gogh Museum experience is geared more toward those who are familiar with his work than first-timers seeking to learn about his technique and history. There is an external link to the museum’s YouTube page featuring video explanations of some of his most famous works


Source: Top10.com, 17th March 2020


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Try something new

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Turkish Breakfast

“Emirgan SütiÅŸ” Turkish Breakfast Cooking class  at their Restaurant – Avenues Souk @sutis_kw

We will experience and cook all together very famous menu of Emirgan SütiÅŸ Restaurant.


Turkish MENU

✨ Turkish Simit

✨ Turkish Gözleme – ( Turkish bread from scratch stuffed with different kind of filling :  Potatoes – Spinach – Cheese – Minced meet)

✨ Menemen – ( Turkish style egg – shakshuka)

✨Rice Pudding

✨Tomatoes and Cucmber Salad

✨ Cheese plate, Olives

✨Honey and Kaymak, Jams and butter

✨Turkish Bread

✨Turkish tea , Turkish coffee

Emirgan SutiÅŸ has kept the original recipes of Turkish milk deserts and is now celebrating 60 years of its foundation. SütiÅŸ is currently run by the 3rd generation of KocadaÄŸs.

Traditional recipes, innovation & keeping the Turkish tradition alive are some of their foremost principles.

SütiÅŸ pay close attention to staying true to our century – old recipes that we continue to pass along from generation to generation. Keeping in line & up to date with the quick changing time, they strive to closely follow up with technological developments & make the necessary investments in order to accelarate their production without sacrificing hygiene and efficiency.

As a lifestyle brand, Emirgan SütiÅŸ pride in hosting over 5000 guest per day. SütiÅŸ caters to a spectrum of demographics from families to teenagers, to the working class and even business elite.

Click Here for tickets: https://www.eventat.com/sutisturkishbreakfast



Mexican Tacos Tour Cooking Class

With chef “Claudia Le Desmaa” the co-founder of @solotacos.kuwait

She was born and raised in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico, but she has been living in Kuwait for the past 35 years, during this time, the highlights are that she has raised 5 Kuwaiti-Mexicans and that she co-founded Solo Tacos Tijuana Style in Kuwait back in 2013.

Living in Kuwait and so far away from her country, she has dedicated all these years to help change the image of how people understand Mexico, its culture, its gastronomic identity and experiences.


Mexican Tacos Tour cooking class Menu is:

1. Fresh Salsa Sour

2.Guacamole, Mild Spicy Sauce Nacho Chips

3.Grilled Salsa

4. Sour Cream Mexican range

5. Tenderloin Tacos

6. Chicken Tacos

7. Fry Fish Tacos

8. Homemade Flour Tortillas

9.Homemade Corn Tortillas

11.Rice and Beans

12.Fresh Fruit Salad

Click Here for tickets: https://www.eventat.com/mexicantacostour



A plate of foodDescription automatically generated

Exotic THAI Cooking Class

With Thai chef  “Wilawan wantong“


Exotic THAI cooking Class Menu is:

🌱Tom yum soup with shrimp

🌱Chicken Green Curry

🌱Shrimp Spring Rolls

🌱Papaya salad

🌱Steam rice

🌱Sweet corn & Tapioca Pearls Pudding with coconut milk

Click Here for tickets: https://www.eventat.com/exoticthai



A person holding a donut in front of a signDescription automatically generated


Reserve your spaces 30th of January with Two Amazing and Talented Ladies Liesl & Jen are collaborating with Kitchen Story to bring you Gluten free baking.



Apple pie



Lemon, polenta and pistachio cake /mini cakes

For tickets, click here: https://www.eventat.com/cookingclass



A box filled with different types of foodDescription automatically generated

Jamaican Authentic Caribbean Cooking Class

Chef Charleen, a self taught chef is going to show us how to cook traditional Jamaican food.



Beef Jamaican Patties

Avocado & plantain salad

Curry Shrimp (spicy)

Rice With Vegetables

Sweet potato pudding

For tickets, click here: https://www.eventat.com/kitchenstory



A picture containing textDescription automatically generated

Chef Tasting Dinner

There will not be cooking but just enjoying a fine dining experience.



Lobster Bisque

Watermelon Agave – Watermelon infused with agave with grape fruit, goat cheese, and grilled lemon vinaigrette

Cod fish with sticky rice – Cod fish with sticky rice, sautéed bok choy, and corn sauce

Sirloin steak with wild mushrooms – Sirloin steak with cauliflower puree, wild mushrooms and demi glaze sauce

Fried chicken and Johnny Cake – Fried chicken patty with Corn Johnny Pancake, with hot maple butter

Trifle Cheese cake glass – Three layers of cheese cake, fruit jam, and pastry cream

Bread pudding – Deconstructed Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and mint

For tickets, click here: https://www.eventat.com/cook

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