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Let’s talk kids!

As promised last week, let’s talk kids. A lot of us have them, teach them, spend time avoiding them; whatever category you fit into –...

Its all about the ZZZZZZ’s

Sleep Do you get enough?   This week, my family are moving house. We are downsizing and clearing out an awful lot of things we’ve...

Diet Water!

After last week’s article on the 80:20 approach to nutrition, I received an email asking me what I would recommend as the best thing someone...

The Magic Cure: Part 2

Welcome back, how are those Golden Moments working for you? I knew you’d love them. Now that you’re getting into a more relaxed state, let’s...

Golden moments

What is a Golden Moment? Why do you need one? How do you get one? How much does it cost?

What is the Magic Cure?

All too often we find ourselves with a body we are not in love with, without the time or money to spend hours each week...

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