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Rare Ornaments

While studying endangered turtle populations on islands Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim every summer, and as we roam around their habitat inside and outside the islands'...

Le Meridien, Dubai

A quick trip to Dubai, but feels like a world away. Try this amazing beach resort and spa. This hotel has something for everyone. There...

Updated travel information

3 August PCR Update Now to be issued 72 hours before travel (not 96 as previously stated by the DGCA) Source   1 August: Updated...

A Sea Wonder on Our Doorstep

There are times when night surveys on Kuwaiti islands Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim are filled with anticipation and excitement. There are others, when the heat...

Dubai Open for Tourists

Dubai have re-opened after the Covid-19 pandemic to tourists, if you’re looking for more details on the travel guidelines please click [here], but from what...

Emirates Free Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Travel with Peace of Mind As borders begin to open around the world, you can take-off to your next destination with confidence. Emirates are the...

Dubai Desert Fun

We just spent a lovely weekend at the Bab al Shams resort in Dubai. This five star resort offers a desert adventure, with all the...

Philadelphia & New York City

Philadelphia, which is arguably the most historic of all of the US cities in terms of the American Revolution and birthplace of the Nation.

Drive thru for Covid-19 testing coming soon

As the country continues to work day and night to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Kuwait Ministry of Health in collaboration with...

Maki’s Secret Nabemono (Hotpot) Menu

Since Maki first opened, they always had a small selection of traditional Japanese hot pots, called Nabemono, available in the winter season. Only known to...

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